Half of CUP’s national secretariat step down

June 17, 2016 06:58 PM | ACN

Six of the 15 members of radical left pro-independence CUP’s national secretariat stepped down this Friday. In a joint letter, they reported “sectarian and Machiavellian attitudes” regarding the decision-making process which led to the failed investiture of former Catalan President, Artur Mas and also the anti-capitalists’ veto on the draft budget for 2016. The signers insisted that their decision is “irrevocable” and accused CUP of “moving away from the pro-independence strategy” assumed by the party’s programme. CUP’s national secretariat spokesman, Xevi Generó, announced that the process to choose new members will start next Monday.

Government to open new delegations in Portugal, Vatican City and Morocco

March 30, 2016 02:30 PM | ACN

Three new Catalan government delegations will be opened during this term of office. According to the Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Jordi Solé, the new delegation in Lisbon will be in full operation “in the following months” while those planned for the Vatican City and Morocco are still pending deployment by the Government. Although these three new delegations have already been appealed by the Spanish Constitutional Court (TC), Solé insisted on the “key role” that these institutions play in Catalonia’s foreign affairs strategy and emphasised the government’s will to “continue deploying Catalonia’s institutional representation in the world”. The Catalan government already has seven delegations abroad, as well as three more projected in the short-term and some others to be opened in the near future.