Catalonia, pioneer in the struggle for transsexuals rights

May 30, 2017 04:44 PM | Clara Ardèvol / CNA

Catalan transsexuals do not need a psychiatric diagnosis of gender dysphoria to carry out a sex change operation through the public healthcare system. The Health Department implemented this pioneering system in Europe in October. LGTBI groups are satisfied with this new Catalan model in contrast with the last one, which treated transsexuality as an illness. Transsexual groups in Catalonia welcomed the decision for three main reasons. The first one is obvious: doing the sex change would be easier. The second one is related to the old Catalan model, mainly carried out in the Hospital Clínic, one of the most important public hospitals in Barcelona. “Doctors judged you in that hospital. They wanted you to be a standard transsexual, otherwise they said you had no gender dysphoria,” explains Carla Agulló, who went there to receive hormonal treatment and psychological attention. The third reason has symbolic importance. “We think transsexuality is a condition, not a problem,” explains Cristina Nadal, who is in charge of the health area of the Catalan Health Service.