Mas: "The public tender system of the Catalan Government is flawless"

October 23, 2015 01:56 PM | ACN / Sara Prim

Current Catalan President, Artur Mas stated this Friday that "the public tender system of the Catalan Government is flawless. There are no mistakes nor possibilities to influence it in a partisan or personal way", regarding the accusations of bad practice in relation to assessing public contracts. Mas appeared before the Parliament to comment on the recent phase of the 'Petrum' anti-corruption operation, which investigates whether companies paid a 3% commission to the party foundation 'CatDem' in exchange for public contracts. "The CatDem did receive contributions from companies, it is legal, public and specified in many documents" stated President Mas "if we don't like the legal system, we must change it rather than criminalise it" and added that "other parties' foundations have also received commissions from these companies". Mas also slammed the Spanish Guardia Civil searches as "a show" that pursues "hurting rather than investigating".


The Guardia Civil searches CDC headquarters again and arrests party treasurer

October 21, 2015 11:32 AM | ACN / Sara Prim

Liberal party CDC headquarters have once again been searched by the Spanish Guardia Civil and the party's treasurer, Andreu Viloca, has been arrested. This Wednesday's actions are part of an ongoing investigation into alleged irregular financing of the party to find out whether companies paid a 3% commission to the CDC foundation in exchange for public contracts. In the first phase of the so-called operation 'Petrum', in July, Spanish police arrested Jordi Sumarroca, CEO of Teyco and son of one of the founders of CDC, Carles Sumarroca, and two other members of his family. The second phase already included a search of CDC headquarters. On Tuesday, the police also arrested 7 businessmen accused of having allegedly paid irregular commissions to the party in exchange for public contracts. Catalan President Artur Mas described these operations as "exaggerated" and assured that both CDC and the President himself are "big game targets" due to the pro-independence process in Catalonia.  

Some opposition parties "falsely accused" Mas and "are not interested" in his Anti-Corruption Commission testimony, says Government Spokesman

February 10, 2015 08:01 PM | ACN

Government Spokesman Francesc Homs has stated that Catalan President Artur Mas’ hearing in Parliament “cannot convince” the parties that accused him of misconduct “without any proof”. “If the one accusing doesn’t bring any evidence and expects to be convinced by the testimony of someone by whom he doesn’t want to be convinced...we find ourselves in an impossible situation”, Homs argued after parties such as the PP said Mas’ explanations in the Anti-Corruption Commission on Monday were not enough.