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Messi’s record breaking ‘Pichichi’ and ‘Golden Boot’

Leo Messi’s 50 league goals this season have made him the highest ever ‘Pichichi’ (top scorer) in the Spanish League and catapulted him to the head of the ranking of ‘Golden Boots’ of all time.


14 May 2012 07:40 PM


Roger Bogunyà

Barcelona (FCB).- Leo Messi just keeps on breaking records.  Now he has established a new record for both the \u2018Pichichi\u2019 (top scorer in the Spanish League) and the \u2018Golden Boot\u2019, beating Cristiano Ronaldo\u2019s record of 41 La Liga goals in the 2010/11 season, and Dudu Georgescu\u2019s 47 goals for Dynamo Bucharest in the 1976/77 season.  Messi is the highest scoring \u2018Golden Boot\u2019 since the award was established in the 1966/67 season.  Behind him in the ranking comes Hector Yazalde of Sporting Lisbon, who scored 46 goals in the 1973/74 season.  Messi has smashed all the records at a stroke.

Here is a list of the ten highest scoring \u2018Pichichis\u2019 and Golden Boots\u2019:


50 goals \u2013 Leo Messi (FC Barcelona, 2011/12)
41 goals \u2013 Cristiano Ronaldo (Real Madrid, 2010/11)
38 goals \u2013 Hugo Sanchez (Real Madrid, 1989/90)
38 goals \u2013 Telmo Zarra (Atletic Club, 1950/51)
35 goals \u2013 Baltazar (Atletico Madrid, 1988/89)
34 goals \u2013 Telmo Zarra (Athletic Club, 1946/47)
34 goals \u2013 Hugo Sanchez (Real Madrid, 1986/87)
34 goals \u2013 Ronaldo (FC Barcelona, 1996/97)
34 goals \u2013 Leo Messi (FC Barcelona, 2099/10)
32 goals \u2013 Diego Forlan (Atletico Madrid, 2008/09)

Golden Boot

50 goals \u2013 Leo Messi (FC Barcelona, 2011/12)
47 goals \u2013 Dudu Georgescu (Dynamo Bucharest, 1976/77)
46 goals - Hector Yazalde (Sporting Lisbon, 19973/74)
44 goals \u2013 Josip Skoblar (Olympique Marseille, 1970/71)
43 goals \u2013 Dorin Mateut (Dynamo Bucharest, 1988/89)
42 goals \u2013 Mario Jardel (Sporting Lisbon, 2011/02)
42 goals \u2013 Eusebio (SL Benfica, 1967/68)
41 goals \u2013 Hansi Krankl (Rapid Vienna, 1977/78)
40 goals \u2013 Gerd Müller (Bayern Munich, 1971/72)
40 goals \u2013 Eusebio (SL Benfica, 1972/73)
40 goals \u2013 Cristiano Ronaldo (Madrid, 2010/11)


  • Camp Nou's screen congratulating Messi (by FC Barcelona)

  • Camp Nou's screen congratulating Messi (by FC Barcelona)