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Guardiola: “There is no place like this, but we have to keep winning”

Barça's coach has given his first press conference since extending his contract by one more season and used the occasion to speak about motivation. “The day I lose my passion and strength, I’ll leave” he said.


11 February 2011 05:44 PM


Roger Bogunyà

Barcelona (FCB).- Thankfully, there are at least 17 months to go before that can happen. \u201CI\u2019d like to thank the club for their trust in me. We will try to work as hard as possible and make the maximum effort to keep the fans happy. That has to be our objective to get good results\u201D, he said three days after making the announcement that he\u2019s staying.

One year more, and then?

Guardiola obviously feels more comfortable now that his contractual issues have been settled. He\u2019s staying for one year more, but will he stay any longer than that? \u201CI can see myself here for one more year \u2026 then we\u2019ll see\u201D he said. \u201CWhat I want to do is get the best out of this team. Having reached the cup final and doing so well in the league has shown me that there is no reason not to stay here for another year.\u201D He added that he didn\u2019t have to think too much about his decision, and that he is still making the same demands of himself. \u201CI don\u2019t want to rest on my laurels. There is no place like this, but we have to keep winning\u201D.

Future departure

Despite just announcing that he is staying, there were still questions about when he plans to leave the club. Guardiola explained why he would consider leaving. \u201CWhen I feel I\u2019m not needed, and don\u2019t have the passion and strength that I have now, that\u2019s when I\u2018ll feel enough is enough. Then I\u2019d go. There are two ways of leaving. When you aren\u2019t winning and get sacked or when you leave naturally, knowing that the right time has come. Everything has to end at some point\u201D. He added that \u201Cwhen you have been here for four years [which is how long he will have been in the post in June 2012], then you are nearer to the end than the start\u201D.

Puyol progressing

Guardiola also spoke about one of his injured players, Carles Puyol (the other being Jeffren) and the game in Gijón. \u201CHe\u2019s doing well, but if you ask him to make an extra effort, he\u2019ll get hurt again. He is improving, but he\u2019s not yet at that stage where he can keep going and tolerate too much effort. But he is heading in the right direction.\u201D



Game with Sporting

Talk of Guardiola\u2019s new contract took up so much time that very little was said about Saturday\u2019s game in Gijón. \u201CIt\u2019s always hard after international matches, and especially when it\u2019s 3 days and not 4.\u201D And he expects a tough game against the side coached by Preciado: \u201CBarral is playing well and has good players behind him, like Diego Castro and De las Cuevas, who uses space well\u201D. And he also knows what kind of atmosphere to expect at El Molinón, which he compares to what you get at San Mamés. \u201CThey are much stronger at home than away\u201D he added.

Guardiola said he has yet to decide on his starting eleven against Gijón, but did reveal that he is worried about the fitness of one of his players, although he refused to mention any names. All will be revealed on Saturday.


  • Pep Guardiola directing today's training in front of Xavi (left) and Busquets (centre) (by FC Barcelona)

  • Guardiola after the press conference (by FC Barcelona)

  • Pep Guardiola directing today's training in front of Xavi (left) and Busquets (centre) (by FC Barcelona)
  • Guardiola after the press conference (by FC Barcelona)