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Cesc: "If we begin to doubt Messi, I don’t know how they see the rest of us"

Cesc Fàbregas came out in defense of Leo Messi and believes that he’ll soon get back to scoring goals as usual: "He’s very humble, always gives everything for the team, and loves the club. There’s nothing more to say".


26 October 2011 10:48 PM


Roger Bogunyà

Barcelona (FCB).- Messi hasn\u2019t scored for the last 3 games Barça played. Viktoria Pilsen, Sevilla, and Granada have escaped without conceding a Messi goal, which has led to the first arguments about his form. For Cesc Fàbregas, there\u2019s no debate: "I haven\u2019t heard any arguments. He\u2019s my age. If you see the progress he\u2019s made, I don\u2019t think I\u2019ll ever see it again. He\u2019s won everything, except the World Cup. He scores goals every game, makes them, always plays ... he\u2019s a fabulous player, physically and mentally. If there are doubts about Messi, I don\u2019t know how they see the rest of us. I\u2019ve never played with a player like him, either at youth level or professionally. He\u2019s humble, never hides, always gives everything for the team, and loves the club. There\u2019s nothing more to say" he added.

Bet on another Golden Ball for Messi

On the same lines, when asked about the Golden Ball trophy, he said: "50 of us have been nominated for this award. Nobody will remember the 5th to the 50th. I\u2019d put my hand in the fire that Messi will win it. It has a special meaning for him, but the next day he\u2019ll want to score more goals and that's the most important" he said. Regarding his own presence on the list, and the absence of other FC Barcelona players such as Pedro, Valdes, or Busquets, Cesc said that "it\u2019s a pretty strange list. How can I be on it, when I didn\u2019t play for practically the whole of last season?"

Self criticism after the match at Granada

Regarding Tuesday\u2019s game at Granada (1-0 win), in which he started after his injury, he recognised that it wasn\u2019t Barça\u2019s best game. "The movement of the ball was too slow, we didn\u2019t change the direction of play enough, we had too many players down the right, and we didn\u2019t have as much ball possession as usual, but we did control the whole match" he stressed, whilst praising Barca\u2019s current defensive form.

On his own performance, he acknowledged that he\u2019s still recovering his best form, and feels more comfortable playing in attack than deeper in midfield. "I can play in both positions. As a midfielder I have to improve a lot of things. Tactically I have plenty of room for improvement" he said.

End of discussion about Kanouté

One of the topics of most interest in the press conference was the controversy that arose with Frédéric Kanouté at the end of the match against Sevilla, which ended with Kanouté being sent off. "I've always been calm about it. I know what I said to him. Whoever leaked the story that I used racist words has got what they wanted, because it\u2019s been published worldwide. I spoke with Kanouté and we said what we had to say. I\u2019m not a Saint, just like any football player, but I didn\u2019t say anything racist, and nobody is denying that. We all know how football works" he said.


  • Cesc Fàbregas defended Leo Messi during Wednesday's press conference (by FC Barcelona)

  • Cesc Fàbregas defended Leo Messi during Wednesday's press conference (by FC Barcelona)