Three men arrested for gang rape in seaside town

The detainees are now on temporary release after declaring before the judge

The recent case of gang rape in Manresa has sparked demonstrations (Laura Busquets)
The recent case of gang rape in Manresa has sparked demonstrations (Laura Busquets) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

August 14, 2019 02:56 PM

Three men have been arrested in Catalonia for gang rape that allegedly took place in the seaside town of Blanes on Saturday night and into Sunday morning.  

According to investigation sources, the three men, 19, 19 and 54, encountered the woman at a party on Saturday night, and she agreed to come back to a flat in Blanes, north of Barcelona. They are believed to have restrained her and assaulted her sexually inside the apartment.  

The young woman, believed to be around 20, called the police the next morning. The police soon arrested two of the suspects, and the third later that afternoon. The woman was taken to Calella hospital to be examined.  

All three suspects are being charged with sexual assault with penetration. Having declared before the judge, they are now on temporary release.  

They are to stay 500 metres away from the victim, their passports have been withdrawn and they are not permitted to leave the state.

Another case of gang rape 

This is the latest in a string of gang rape cases that have sparked outrage over the course of the summer. Cases of gang rape in Manresa and in Cambrils have led to protests in the respective cities last month.  

These follow on from the so-called Catalan ‘wolf pack’ case in Manresa in 2016, for which the trial remains ongoing, named after the infamous gang-rape case that occured in Pamplona during the running-of-the-bulls festival that same year.