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There is "suspicion" in Spain about the use of Catalan as the main language in Catalonia's schools, admits Rubalcaba

"Catalanophobia exists" and "Catalonia has to communicate its ideals if it is to be understood by the rest of Spain" says the socialist candidate to the next Spanish general elections


21 July 2011 09:35 PM



Madrid (ACN) .- The Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) candidate for the Spanish general election, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba, has admitted in an interview on Thursday with Catalan National Television (TV3) that there are "some suspicions" within his own party about the use of the Catalan in schools, despite the duty of politicians to understand the diverse national sentiments within Spain.

Rubalcaba also said that "Catalanophobia" has been displayed by the conservative People\u2019s Party (PP) "giving the impression that the rest of the state does not understand the nation and does not want to". 

Rubalcaba said that the system of Catalan education has not been met with vast acceptance from the rest of the Spain and is treated with "some suspicion" within his own party, the Socialist Party."It is true that such suspicions exist," he said, "and so I can understand why Catalans may feel unfairly treated by some sections of Spain. This problem arises from the PP", he argued.

"In Catalonia, the sense of being misunderstood has spread"

According to Rubalcaba, recent political events have set the example that Spain doesn't need to understand Catalonia, resulting in increasing amount of Catalans feeling isolated from the state. "This Catalanophobia" he said, "is the result of the PP's campaign against the Statute of Catalonia, and the Catalans feel it." The PP challenged the Statute of Catalonia \u2013the law that states its right self-government- in Spanish Constitutional Court, which in turn decided to cut some articles of the law therefore reducing the scope of power of Barcelona.

An example of this Catalanophobia, argues Rubalcaba, is the negative reaction in various parts of Spain towards the return of historical archives to Catalonia from Salamanca. "I want Catalans to think about it, and realize that sour relations are being conceived by the PP party in Spain, despite them appearing not to talk about the issue when they visit Catalonia. I want to talk about it. The worst people are those who hold up the banner of Spanish unity whilst sowing the seeds of discord" he said.

Separatist misconceptions

According to Rubalcaba, those who advocate for Catalan independence for economical reasons rather than identity issues are \u201Cmistaken\u201D. \u201CIf they think about what Catalonia is they would probably reach another conclusion\u201D he said, arguing that the best plan is to stay within Spain. Rubalcaba refused to discuss the expansion of the Catalan fiscal powers, saying that \u201CCatalonia currently has the best funding system that has ever had\u201D. \u201C


  • The PSOE candidate for the Spanish general election, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba (by ACN)

  • The PSOE candidate for the Spanish general election, Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba (by ACN)