The number of foreigners affiliated to the Social Security in Catalonia dropped by 1% last year

The total number of foreigners contributing to the Social Security system in Catalonia at the end of 2010 was 401,753 people. Three out of four foreigners in Catalonia come from outside the European Union.


February 4, 2011 11:23 PM

Barcelona (ACN) .- The average number of foreigners affiliated to the Social Security in Catalonia reached 401,753 people during the month of December 2010. This means, the number decreased by 1.01% from the previous year. 72.3% of the foreigners registered at the Social Security come from countries outside the European Union. Three quarters of the total number of non-nationals that are registered on the social welfare system are using the general scheme (used for employees), one in ten is registered as self-empoyed and the rest in other manners.

Catalonia has a total of 401,753 foreign people of which 304,940 are foreigners in normal employment arrangements, 40,762 are self-employed and the rest in other sectors, such as at home (36,113) and on farms (19,455).

With 22.14%, Catalonia has the highest number of foreign affiliates followed by Madrid Community that has 21.57%, according to the data from the Social Security system.

In Catalonia, the sector that has the highest representation of non-nationals is the hospitality sector (hotels and restaurants) with 17.66%. This percentage is closely followed by trade, motor and bicycle repairs with 17.51%. Other sectors like administrative activities with 12,44% and the manufacturing industry with 12.01%.

For non-nationals from outside the EU, the biggest representation is Morroco with 53,328 people registered in Catalonia. This is followed by Ecuadorians (30,530), Chinese (22,945) and Bolivians (22,042). Within the EU, the biggest representation is from Romania with 34,949 people followed by Italy with 20,161.