Spanish police mistake impersonator for Puigdemont

Six officers tried to “detain” Joaquín Reyes during filming for TV programme

Humorist Joaquin Reyes with a Puigdemont mask (by Vertele /El Diario)
Humorist Joaquin Reyes with a Puigdemont mask (by Vertele /El Diario) / ACN

ACN | Torréjon de Ardoz

February 22, 2018 09:20 PM

Carles Puigdemont is proving elusive for the Spanish police these days. Depsite their efforts to detain him, such as strengthening border controls, they have, as of yet, failed. The deposed Catalan president remains in Belgium. But on Thursday, it seemed Puigdemont was closer than ever.

Six Spanish police officers were called to Torréjon de Ardoz, in the Madrid region, where a comedy show was being recorded, and where, allegedly, the former Catalan president himself had made an appearance, according to what a local resident had told them. This wasn’t the case. The man in question was comedian Joaquín Reyes, filming a TV show called ‘El Intermedio’ (The Intermediate) for the Spanish channel La Sexta.

The comedian himself explained the scenario via Twitter. “The police try to detain Joaquín Reyes impersonating Puigdemont,” he tweeted, along with a gif from the Big Bang Theory TV show.

Reyes went into more detail on the programme ‘La Ventana’ (The Window) on the Spanish channel Cadena Ser. “Six officers came to detain me because a resident called saying Puigdemont was there. We explained to them that it was a sketch,” he said.