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Some Spanish Police agents ask to be taught Catalan

A Spanish police trade union has complained to the government for not teaching Catalan to police agents. While money is being invested in simultaneous translation in the Senate, there is no way to help police stationed in Catalonia integrate socially, claims the police union CEP.


21 January 2011 11:05 PM



Barcelona (ACN) .- The Trade Union, the Spanish Confederation of Police (CEP) denounced the Spanish Government for not investing money in police agents stationed in Catalonia. By means of statement through the media, the Union denounced the fact that no money is used to teach police the Catalan language in order to facilitate their job and their social integration. According to the statement, two years ago, the Catalan part of the Union sent an official request to the Spanish Government asking them to provide Catalan language classes for agents based in Catalonia. However, two years later, no response has been received.

The union members have asked in writing why there are not signed agreements with the Catalan Government for the police agents to learn Catalan. Afterall, similar agreements exist with other institutions to teach police agents languages like French or English. In this context, the union believes that the best way to put obstacles to Spanish police officers to be integrated in Catalonia is \u201Cmaking it an uncomfortable place\u201D, as at the moment, they are uncomfortable not being able to practice the Catalan language at home or at work.

Finally, the statement laments the aesthetic politics being used at the moment. They are angry that all the different official languages of Spain can now be used in the Senate, but there is no change to facilitate the social integration of the Spanish Police in Catalonia by offering them a way of learning the Catalan language.


  • A member of Spanish Police arresting suspects in Barcelona (by Spanish Police)

  • A member of Spanish Police arresting suspects in Barcelona (by Spanish Police)