Sant Pau Hospital will expand its research facilities with 17,000 square metres

The Sant Pau Hospital in Barcelona will have 2 new buildings in 2014 dedicated to biomedical research. The new space will be of 17,000 square metres. The new buildings will be integrated into the daily activities of the university health centre. Then, at a second phase, the space for research will reach 28,000 square meters.

CNA / Pol Solà

January 24, 2011 09:05 PM

Barcelona (ACN) .- The Hospital of Sant Pau in Barcelona will open two brand new buildings devoted exclusively to research in late 2014. They will occupy over 17,000 square meters. From then on, all biomedical research will be carried out in these buildings. This first phase will cost 40 million euros and will be provided by means of a loan from the La Caixa savings bank and the Council of Europe’s Development Bank. The second phase, which will occupy up to 28,000 square meters, will cost 49 million euros more.

The first building, the IR-1, will be built at the junction between the streets Cartagena and Mas Casanovas, close to the heliport and current parking lot. It will have some 15,500 square meters. In the first phase, the IR-2, with 2,200 square meters, will also be built but at the other side of the hospital. The second phase will include the IR-3, just beside the IR-2, with 4,500 square metres, and an expansion of the IR-1 with 6,000 more square meters.

The buildings will be adapted to the new complex and the hospital’s Art Nouveau historical centre that was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. It will be made with the most advanced technologies and eco-sufficient materials.

At the presentation conference this week in Barcelona, the staff of the hospital appeared to be very proud of the project. They have already opened a competition to architects. The manager of the hospital’s Foundation Jordi Bachs said that the project aims to attract and retain talent. He explained that the loan of 40 million will have to be returned in 20 years at an interest rate relating to the market price.

Albert Folia, the president of the hospital’s Foundation said the research will improve patient care in the hospital. The director of the Institute for Research Jaume Kulisevsky stressed the importance of research with regard to hospital care. He took the opportunity to point out the high level of research at Sant Pau Hospital, which he said perhaps did not make as much ‘noise’ as other research centres in Barcelona like the Hospital Clínic. He also said that not only the 200 scientists do research, but in fact all the health professionals in their daily work in the hospital.