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Pep Guardiola mentioned in Spanish police investigation on rebellion crime

A Guardia Civil report looks into a pro-independence rally where the football coach participated, according to Catalan media


21 December 2017 06:20 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Spanish Guardia Civil police mentioned football coach Pep Guardiola in a document delivered to a Supreme Court judge investigating pro-independence leaders for rebellion crimes, according to Catalan media. The document mentions a pro-independence rally held in Barcelona on June 11, which Guardiola participated in by making a speech.

According to the document, “Guardiola and the event aimed at mobilizing all independence supporters” and “defended the referendum and the unilateral way.” Although he is not facing any charges, the police appears to deem his intervention as relevant for the investigation.

The event was organized by pro-independence grassroots organizations such as the Catalan National Assembly and Òmnium Cultural. Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sánchez were the presidents of the organizations that day in June, and both are currently in jail awaiting trial. Referring to their statements during the event, the document reads: “they were convinced that they could not wait any longer because citizens would not understand it, and added that on September 11 [Catalonia’s National Day] they expected to know the date and the question [of the referendum].”

Guardiola is one of Catalonia’s most internationally renowned figures and a strong supporter of independence. He is currently the Manchester City coach and led Barcelona for four years, setting an all-time record of 6 titles in a single season in his first year as coach.



  • Football coach Pep Guardiola at a pro-independence rally in June (by ACN)

  • Football coach Pep Guardiola at a pro-independence rally in June (by ACN)