Health workers get roses in recognition of their efforts against coronavirus

Barcelona's wholesale market shows appreciation by sending 3,000 roses to Bellvitge hospital


Healthcare workers with roses outside Joan XXIII hospital, in Tarragona (by Roger Segura)
Healthcare workers with roses outside Joan XXIII hospital, in Tarragona (by Roger Segura) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

April 23, 2020 12:30 PM

Sant Jordi, the day of the book and the rose, is well-known for its tradition of gifting a rose to a loved one, and usually, some six million roses are sold every year in Catalonia on April 23.

Naturally, due to the health crisis, things are different this year, but giving a rose as a sign of appreciation is something that is continuing despite the lockdown due to the pandemic.

In fact, health professionals are among those receiving roses this year, to thank them for their hard work on the front line in hospitals and health centers.

Mercabarna, Barcelona's wholesale market, on Thursday sent over 3,000 roses to the Bellvitge hospital to be handed out to the health professionals working there.

Mercabarna's management also wanted to show their appreciation for people who continue to work during the crisis in central markets around the country with a gift of 6,000 roses.

The Tarraco walkers' club in the southern city of Tarragona made a similar gesture, delivering 2,300 roses to a dozen hospitals and health centers in the local area.

Catalonia Hotels

Roses and books have also arrived at some of the hotels in Catalonia that have been converted into makeshift hospitals during the coronavirus crisis.

According to Jordi Batista of Catalonia Hotels, they’ve received 1,700 books for 350 patients at three medicalized hotels.

Healthcare workers Beth and Anna, both in their first jobs since finishing their degrees, want their patients to have a "very special" day.

We want them "to have a special St. George’s Day, to have books, to be able to read, because they’re isolated and alone," explained Anna.

Beth added that they had not yet delivered the books and roses to the patients.

"So far we've only wished them a 'Happy Sant Jordi' on the phone, we haven't told them they'll get a book or anything because we want it to be a surprise."