Cybercriminals threaten to reveal Hospital Clínic infectious disease patients' personal data

RansomHouse vows to retaliate for Catalan Mossos police taking down website

Barcelona's Hospital Clínic
Barcelona's Hospital Clínic / Norma Vidal

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April 6, 2023 01:22 PM

April 6, 2023 07:33 PM

The cybercriminal group behind the Hospital Clínic cyberattack, RandomHouse, threatened to reveal personal information of patients with infectious diseases, as well as data relating to the use of experimental drugs on the elderly.

The major Catalan capital public hospital is at the forefront of medical research in Spain, with their HIV/AIDS researchers recently announcing a groundbreaking case of a functional cure

A statement released by the hackers to several media outlets on Thursday morning confirms that this would be in response to the Catalan Mossos d'Esquadra police blocking access to RansomHouse's website on the dark web.

Hackers announced that there would be "several changes" in the coming days that would "concern" the police. 

RansomHouse went on to "thank" Mossos for taking down their site as this forced them to "look for a new solution" in order to leak the data.

The Catalan Cybersecurity Agency stated that the message was also published via RansomHouse's traditional channels.

Mossos take down site

This latest threat was made after Mossos blocked RansomHouse's website, days after they published some of the sensitive data they had stolen from the hospital after Catalan authorities refused to pay a $4.5 million ransom. This information was available for free on the dark web.


The cyberattack on the hospital's virtual servers was detected in early March, stopping thousands of elective surgeries and outpatient visits, including radiotherapy for cancer patients, from taking place as scheduled.

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