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Catalonia to go from one heatwave to the next

After thermometers rose above 40ºC at the weekend, this week's slight drop looks to be short-lived, with higher temperatures forecast over next few days


03 July 2019 12:53 PM



Just when you thought the heatwave that struck Catalonia last week was on its way out, the latest forecasts predict temperatures will rise again over the next few days.

Many parts of Catalonia saw record temperatures of 44ºC over the weekend, as a heatwave hit that even caused one of the worst wildfires the country has experienced.

On Monday and Tuesday, temperatures fell slightly, between 1 and 5ªC, in many parts of the country, but it seems the respite is to be short lived as they are due to rise again.

However, the meteorological service predicts that the new spike in temperatures will last for just three days, beginning on Thursday and ending by Sunday.

The good news is that temperatures are expected to stabilize from next Monday onwards, falling to more reasonable levels appropriate for early summer.

At the height of last week's heatwave, the authorities advised staying indoors, spending some time in air-conditioned environments, and drinking plenty of water.


  • A child jumping into a swimming pool in Figueres (Gemma Tubert/ACN)

  • A child jumping into a swimming pool in Figueres (Gemma Tubert/ACN)