Catalan mayors talk climate change in Brussels

137 municipalities from the Barcelona area have joined together to fight global warming, participating in the European Union Covenant of Mayors. Today they were in Brussels to share their experiences.


October 6, 2010 11:03 PM

Brussels (ACN).- At the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen last year, world leaders failed to arrive to an agreement to combat climate change. But towns and cities all over Europe have been fighting against global warming and promoting green energy at a local level. The Covenant of Mayors works in this direction. 1,700 European Mayors got together in Brussels to discuss the current and future means to reach this goal. 137 municipalities from the Barcelona province participated in the meeting, bringing in their own experiences. They represent 90% of the inhabitants of the area. According to the commitment signed when joining the Covenant of Mayors, the cities involved agree to reduce their CO2 emissions by 20% and to use 20% of green energy by 2020.