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Barcelona’s IoT World Congress to feature 115 experts from 18 countries

Activities will showcase Bitcoin Foundation founder and Blockchain Investors Consortium creator


08 September 2017 07:39 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Already known as a hub for the tech-savvy and innovative movers and shakers of tomorrow, Barcelona again opens its doors to the IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions World Congress in 2017. The internet of things is, quite simply, the internet that many of us use every day, perhaps without thinking: the interconnection of computing devices in everyday objects. The Catalan capital dedicates the third edition of the world-famous congress to this topic, to take place from October 3 – 5.

Eyes on the future: Blockchain and cryptoeconomics

For those following new advancements in technology and economics, there will be a monographic forum on Blockchain, the ultra-secure cryptography-based software platform for digital assets. Likewise, IoT Solutions World Congress will also have days focused on cryptoeconomics, additionally detailing investment opportunities in places and entities already using the system. A statement released by the Fira de Barcelona center details that these two activities will include 115 experts from 18 countries, among them the creator of the Bitcoin Foundation, Jon Matonis, along with the founder of the Blockchain Investors Consortium, Mike Costache, and the Spotify program director, Erik Beijnoff.

Blockchain, the technology on which Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies operate, is expected to strengthen and guarantee the security and intelligence for the IoT platforms themselves – notably, when it comes to sharing data and performing transactions in a multitude of sectors, industries and services. This revolutionary technology allows for the distribution of digital information in a secure, unmodifiable and decentralized way. It’s also been transformative in how it allows to record anything of value and to carry out transactions in real time, both with total confidence in the process and without intermediaries or middlemen. 

A practical approach and real applications for the technology

According to the International Data Corporation (IDC), it’s estimated that, by 2020, “20% of trade finance globally will incorporate blockchain/distributed ledger technology.” Many even predict that it will radically change the modus operandi of businesses in general. Even with such a lofty potential for future change, the technology has current, feasible applications. This is why the Blockchain Solutions Forum, complemented by the Initial Coin Offer (ICO) 2017 & Crypto Economy Conference, will have a very practical approach and will include a score of real cases of application.

Investors who are interested in new Initial Public Offering (IPO) and ICO investment models will also be in attendance at the cryptoeconomics section, along with companies and start-ups already implementing Blockchain solutions looking for a capital injection for their projects.

The Main Speakers on Blockchain’s potential

For a bird’s eye view of the new system, there will also be a talk on the more general overview of Blockchain technology and its potential to transform the current industries, carried out by the director of the Bitcoin Foundation, Jon Matonis. Additionally, the CEO of the cryptofinancial platform OpenLedger, Ronny Boessing, will speak of Blockchain’s positive impact in society. Then, one of the founders of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (the largest open-source Blockchain alliance in the world), Matt Spoke, will speak on the digital transformation riding on the implementation of Blockchain technology, alongside one of the members of the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency and Blockchain platform NEM Foundation, Albert Castellana. Looking towards the future and outwards to other technologies, there will also be a talk on the convergence of Blockchain-like technologies, AI, robotics, and IoT made by a researcher for Europe's first dedicated Blockchain venture builder, Outlier Venture. 


  • One of the stands at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2015 (by ACN)

  • One of the stands at the IoT Solutions World Congress 2015 (by ACN)