Barcelona ?rebels against tourist invasion? says a British newspaper

A local movement complaining about the large numbers of tourists that visit Barcelona has found an original way of expressing its ideas. A graffiti on the pavement segregates tourists and local has reported 'The Observer' newspaper.


June 14, 2010 06:09 PM

London (CNA).- Local graffiti that distinguishes a pathway between 'tourists' and 'normal pedestrians' has caught the attention of the British press. The Sunday newspaper 'The Observer' published an article claiming that the graffiti represents ''a symbol of resistance against the rising tide of visitors that engulfs the population''.
The newspaper assures that the anonymous street paintings, which the City Council has painted over every morning, have initiated debate. “Everyday the city hall sends out workmen to paint over the markings, afraid someone is trying to push away tourists who bring in welcome wealth but increasingly make native Barcelonans feel jostled off their own streets”, stated The Observer. The British newspaper stresses that this resistance comes in the face of growing tourism in the Catalan capital.