Barça, Gaza and Dani Alves: Catalonia's most discussed topics on social media in 2023

Other hot topics included the Shakira trial, Sagrada Família and Primavera Sound

Footballer Dani Alves, pictured ahead of his rape trial in Barcelona
Footballer Dani Alves, pictured ahead of his rape trial in Barcelona / Jordi Borràs
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February 15, 2024 11:29 AM

February 15, 2024 11:46 AM

FC Barcelona, the relationship between Gaza and Barcelona, and the Dani Alves case were the most discussed issues in Catalonia on social media in 2023, according to a report by Diplocat. 

Barça took the spotlight as the most discussed topic on platforms such as X, Instagram and Facebook, with 18,000 mentions from media outlets and opinion leaders. 

However, the 18,000 mentions of Barça only include those related to Catalonia, excluding all sporting activity, which would widen the gap with other topics. 

Following closely behind was the farewell letter from Gaza City Council workers to Barcelona City Council, which generated 8,535 mentions on social media and went viral in October, coinciding with the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict

Legal issues also generated significant digital conversation, with Dani Alves' alleged rape case and Shakira's trial among the other top topics discussed on social media last year, each generating more than 4,000 mentions. 

Among the other topics that generated the most comments on social networks and digital newspapers were the new couple, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía (3,771), the Sagrada Família (3,505), Primavera Sound (2,670) and the Mobile World Congress (1,153).