Spanish government criticized by its allies for failing to impose point of view in international press

Unionist Ciutadan’s spokesman has stated that the Spanish Foreign Affairs Ministry has “a bad international strategy” 

Foreign journalists in the Catalan parliament on October 10 (by ACN)
Foreign journalists in the Catalan parliament on October 10 (by ACN) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

October 16, 2017 03:11 PM

The international press has been focused on Catalonia in recent weeks, especially since the October 1 referendum took place. Media from all around the world reported police violence and the Spanish government’s actions aimed at blocking the independence referendum. According to the spokesman of unionist Citizens Party (Ciutadans), Juan Carlos Girauta, international media’s constant references to the Franco dictatorship and criticism of the Spanish government are due to “Spain’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ bad strategy.”  

Girauta asked the Spanish Foreign Minister, Alfonso Dastis, for explanations on why international media reported police violence and people being injured when trying to vote. “Catalan diplomacy did a better job than the Spanish ministry, which has thousands of officials around the world and a ‘real’ diplomatic body,” said the spokesman of Ciutadans. “How is it possible that the Catalan diplomacy is more effective than the Spanish foreign service?," added Girauta.