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Spanish Constitutional Court maintains conditions to swear in Puigdemont

Court fail to take a final decision on the deposed Catalan president's bid to be reinstated


30 January 2018 03:13 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The Spanish Constitutional Court kept the conditions it set for Carles Puigdemont to be sworn in as Catalan president on Tuesday. That is, having to attend the investiture debate in person and with a judicial authorization. His candidacy, Together for Catalonia, had appealed these conditions, by saying they “violate fundamental rights.” The Constitutional Court only decided on the appeal, but made no final decision on the request made by the Spanish government last week to cancel Puigdemont’s nomination as candidate for president.

Investiture debate postponed while Constitutional Court decide on Puigdemont's bid

On Tuesday morning, the Catalan Parliament president, Roger Torrent, postponed the investiture debate to be held the same day at 3pm. He did so waiting for the Spanish Constitutional Court to take a final decision on Puigdemont’s bid to be reinstated as Catalan leader. Yet the judges failed to do it, as the conditions they set on Saturday were only in place as precautionary measures until a final say on Madrid’s appeal is taken. 

The Constitutional Court gave on Saturday ten days for allegations, so it is not likely to take a final decision until then at least. The deadline to hold the investiture debate ends on Wednesday January 31, but with the new situation it is unclear what the new calendar is and how long Roger Torrent can wait to call the session. The chamber's bureau asked the Parliament's lawyers to cast a light on the possible new calendar.


  • Spain's Constitutional Court (by ACN)

  • Spain's Constitutional Court (by ACN)