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Spain to dismiss all Catalan government and limit Parliament powers

Catalan public media and other public enterprises officials can be dismissed or "temporarily replaced", according to measures proposed



21 October 2017 02:30 PM


Guifré Jordan | Barcelona

Massive crackdown against Catalonia’s self-government. The Catalan government in full will be dismissed and replaced by “administrators” and the powers of the Catalan parliament will be limited, the Spanish President Mariano Rajoy announced on Saturday at noon. These are the main measures that Spain will enforce in a matter of days, right after its Senate ratifies it, presumably next Friday.

One of the aims of the dramatic measures to be triggered, is to call snap elections in Catalonia “in a maximum period of six months,” said Rajoy. Indeed, the law states that Carles Puigdemont is the only person who is able to call Catalan elections, but the Spanish president said that these powers will be transferred to him

Article 155 invoked in order to hold elections within 6 months

In his statement, Mariano Rajoy said that Article 155 will be invoked with the aim of “returning to legality” in Catalonia, “restoring normality” and “continuing with economic recovery,” along with holding elections within 6 months.

In order to do that, he announced that one of the measures will be to dismiss the president, Carles Puigdemont, and all of his 12 ministers, including Vice President Oriol Junqueras. Additionally, the powers to call snap elections will be passed from the Catalan president to Mariano Rajoy, and they will be called “as soon as institutional normality is restored,” he added. 

  • "The Catalan self-rule is not suspended, but its legality is being restored"

    Mariano Rajoy · Spanish president

Catalan Parliament powers limited

The Spanish head of government also explained that the measures additionally apply to the Catalan Parliament. According to the measures presented, the chamber will not be able to propose a new president, or to hold an investiture debate to elect one. The measures also stipulate that any resolution which lawmakers want to vote on will have to be approved by an authority “designated by the Spanish government.”

What's more, the motions to be passed will not be able to impulse any action from the “authorities” replacing the Catalan executive. Yet Mariano Rajoy claimed that “the Catalan self-rule is not suspended, but its legality is being restored.”

Officials of public media and other public companies can be "dismissed"

The takeover will also affect the institutions and public companies dependent on the Catalan administration. This includes the Catalan public radio and TV broadcaster. Mariano Rajoy said “the responsibilities of managing the Catalan public media will pass to “the new administrators.”


  • The Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, during his statement this Saturday

  • The Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, during his statement this Saturday