Spain’s Data Protection Agency warns polling supervisors of fines of up to €300,000

Equivalent Catalan body responds that executive to be exclusively responsible for any irregularities in handling of personal data on voting day


Spain's Data Protection Agency offices in Madrid
Spain's Data Protection Agency offices in Madrid / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

September 29, 2017 04:22 PM

Spain’s Data Protection Agency has joined the efforts to prevent the October 1 referendum from taking place. The agency warned all citizens appointed as polling supervisors in Sunday’s referendum that they may incur fines of between €40,000 and €300,000 each for assisting in the vote. According to the agency, using or transferring the list of voters provided by the Catalan government could be a violation of Spanish law.

“If in the vote planned for October 1 polling supervisors are given a copy of the so-called Catalan list of voters, they will not be able to use this data as members of an electoral body or as an individual,” Spain’s Data Protection Agency said.