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Rajoy commits to doing “everything possible” to prevent Puigdemont's investiture

Spanish Guardia Civil question aerodrome to find out if Puigdemont could land there in his eventual return to Catalonia



24 January 2018 02:12 PM


ACN | Madrid

The Spanish president, Mariano Rajoy, said that he will do “everything possible” to prevent Carles Puigdemont from being sworn in as Catalan president, even though he stated that it is up to the Catalan president, deposed by the Spanish government, whether he returns to Catalonia or not. Yet, Rajoy warned Puigdemont that he will be arrested if he sets foot in Catalonia. In addition, the Spanish president reminded him that he will have to face “the consequences” of his acts, since “in Spain the law must be respected”.

In an interview with Spanish broadcaster Onda Cero, the Spanish president also noted that they will respond to the letter that the Catalan Parliament president sent him, in which he requested a meeting before the investiture debate.  Still, Rajoy will reply that he has nothing to say over legal issues. "There is a division of powers in Spain," he stressed. Still, Rajoy insisted that the Spanish government will appeal to the Spanish Constitutional Court any “act” with the intention of swearing in Puigdemont.

In the interview, Rajoy defended the enforcement of Article 155 and Madrid's subsequent takeover of Catalan self-government once again. According to him, “Article 155 has left a message: there is democracy and it has tools to defend itself.”

Spanish police asks for information in an aerodrome

The Spanish Guardia Civil went to the Sant Fruitós de Bages aerodrome to find out if Carles Puigdemont could land there in his eventual return to Catalonia. It happened on Sunday, but it was not learned until today. According to the director of SkyDiveBCN Saltamos center, Xavi Serra, a total of eight Spanish officers arrived at the facilities of the center and asked them about the track length and the characteristics of the aerodrome.

  • "Article 155 has left a message: there is democracy and it has tools to defend itself"

    Mariano Rajoy · Spanish president

Serra said that the Spanish officers never mentioned Carles Puigdemont, but admitted that “it is not usual” that a large group of Spanish Guardia Civil officers go to the aerodrome. "Even though officers visit us regularly, it is true that lately the frequency of the visits has risen and it is not usual that they come with a van,” he added.

“There has been an attempt to undermine” democracy, says King of Spain

The King of Spain said in Davos that in Catalonia “there has been an attempt to undermine the basic rules” of the Spanish democracy and defended that the Spanish constitution is the “basis for coexistence”. In this sense, he stressed that political differences must be solved following the “basic rules of democracy”. Thus, he argued that the Spanish constitution must be “respected” by all citizens.

He noted that Spain is a “great country”, that there is “legal security” and that laws are applied. “A lesson to be learned from this crisis is the need to preserve the rule of law as a cornerstone of democracy and to respect political pluralism and that the basic principle of national sovereignty belongs to all citizens,” he said. 


  • Mariano Rajoy on December 22 2017 (by Tania Tapia)

  • Mariano Rajoy on December 22 2017 (by Tania Tapia)