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Parliament speaker asks UN to get “involved” in defending fundamental rights

Roger Torrent, from Geneva, says he has found “consensus to find a political resolution” to the Catalan situation



18 April 2018 01:08 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The Catalan Parliament president, Roger Torrent, met a high-ranking official of the UN Human Rights Council in order to denounce what he describes as a “violation of fundamental rights” in Catalonia. The speaker met Mona Rishmawi, the delegate director of the Council, and told her that the institution she represents should get “involved” in finding a “political solution” for the Catalan situation, and in the defence of fundamental rights in Catalonia. Torrent made this move after the Spanish judiciary prevented the swearing-in of  Catalan MPs in the past few months, while the country remains without a president nearly four months on from the December 21 election called by Madrid.

After a meeting held on Wednesday morning, Torrent expressed satisfaction to the press. “There has been a great reception to our stance, our position has found understanding,” he said. “There has been a great consensus to find a political resolution to a political conflict,” he added.


  • "Catalonia is experiencing a process of regression, systematic attacks against fundamental rights and freedoms"

    Roger Torrent · Catalan Parliament president

Torrent said that he is committed to doing his best to “defend the rights of political participation of all MPs because it is the way to defend the political rights of citizens.” For him, “Catalonia is experiencing a process of regression, systematic attacks against fundamental rights and freedoms, against the exercise of political and civil rights, especially in Parliament.”

Torrent to meet Swiss MPs

For this reason, he travelled to Geneva to tackle the current situation not only with UN officials, but also with “other institutions and organizations focused on the defense of human and fundamental rights.” Torrent did not reveal which other entities he will be meeting with, but he did confirm that between Wednesday and Thursday he will speak to several Swiss MPs and the mayor of Geneva.