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New independence referendum on the table, say Danish MPs

Political representatives in Denmark meet Carles Puigdemont who says he is willing to discuss alternative solutions


23 January 2018 06:13 PM


ACN | Copenhagen

Catalan president Carles Puigdemont met with nine Danish MPs from five political parties on Tuesday during his visit to Copenhagen. The meeting with the Danish representatives -none of whom were from the country’s ruling party- lasted about an hour, and the main subject of conversation was the holding of a new referendum on independence, according to Nikolaj Villumsen of the Red-Green Alliance.

Following the meeting, Villumsen said that Puigdemont argued that a “broad majority of the population in Catalonia wants a new referendum” but the Catalan leader also admitted that to do so “the Spanish government would have to change its position.” As a result, Villumsen “called out to the Spanish government, from Denmark and from Europe” to try to find a way to hold a referendum.

Meanwhile, Pelle Dragsted from the same party said that in the meeting Puigdemont said he “is willing to discuss any solution”, as long as it is democratic and “respects the will of the people”. According to Dragsted, “the first step is to make his return possible so that he can take office as president, as a gesture of political will. And then begin a dialogue with the Spanish government.”


  • "The Spanish government must have other options to discuss, the problem is that it does not want to discuss anything”

    Pelle Dragsted · Danish MP

Moreover, the Danish MP insisted that Puigdemont is not only prepared to consider independence. “He told us very clearly that for him independence is not the only solution, that he is ready to discuss other solutions to the crisis. But the Spanish government must have other options to discuss, the problem is that it does not want to discuss anything,” he said.

CUP rejects “going back to the starting point”

Yet, the argument for a new referendum was not welcomed by the pro-independence CUP party back in Catalonia. CUP’s seats are needed for the pro-independence block’s majority in Parliament, but a party spokeswoman warned Puigdemont that “going back to the starting point” does not interest the far-left party. Rather, the spokeswoman called for the other two parties in the bloc -JxCat and ERC- to make it clear whether the new government will work for a Catalan republic, as CUP wants, or for more self-government within Spain.


  • Danish MP Pelle Dragsted (by Jordi Pujolar)

  • Danish MP Pelle Dragsted (by Jordi Pujolar)