Montilla criticises the ?ashamed independence project? of the opposition party CiU

The President of the Catalan Government, José Montilla, accuses opposition leader Artur Mas of being a ?separatist ashamed to say so? and shows distrust of those who offer "magic recipes" to solve the economic crisis.

Mario Rubio

June 21, 2010 03:07 AM

Barcelona (CNA) .- The president of the Catalan Government, José Montilla, has disagreed with the “ashamed independence project” proposed by opposition leader, Artur Mas, claiming it to be against the “clear and transparent” project of the ruling Catalan Socialist Party (PSC). During a speech at a PSC National Council meeting , Montilla accused his rival of being a “separatist ashamed to say so”. He reiterated that he does not fear pro-independence politics, but did argue that they "should not hide” such tendencies from the electorate.
The leader of the Catalan socialists criticised the President of the Centre-Right Catalan Nationalist Party (CiU) for setting the independence of Catalonia as the ultimate goal, but not daring to say so openly. Montilla also accused Mas of facilitating the staging of a popular referendum on independence only later to state that now is not the time to call it. “I am who I am, I do not want to hide”, continued Montilla, who made it clear that under no circumstances will he support “unsafe shortcuts, surprises nor nationalist ideas”.

Without reforms, the welfare state is unsustainable

Montilla also warned that without making structural reforms, the model of the Welfare State will become “unsustainable”. If social rights that have been fought for over the years are “unrenounceable”, then according to Montilla, now is the time to make “more and better” reforms. “This is the harsh reality” he regretted. The President of the Catalan Government criticised the opposition for their economic “magic recipes”. “The supposed changes that they are offering are attempting to square the circle through lower taxes and increased spending" he added.