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King of Spain calls to 'respect constitution' in Christmas speech

Felipe emphasizes need to "strengthen links which put Spaniards together"


24 December 2018 09:15 PM


ACN | Madrid

The king of Spain has called to "respect the Spanish Constitution" in his annual Christmas televised speech.

On Monday evening, Felipe said that accepting this fundamental law is necessary to achieve "coexistence" among Spaniards, one of his top ideas in his eleven-minute speech.

"Coexistence, which is always fragile, let's not forget it, is the biggest patrimony we have as Spaniards," he said.

For him, the Constitution, which turned 40 earlier in December, "is an alive reality which protects" the rights and freedoms in Spain.

  • "[Citizens need to] take care and strengthen the deep links which put together and should always put all Spaniards together"

    King Felipe · King of Spain

He appealed to the so-called 'transition spirit', which in the 1970s saw Spain turning from a military dictatorship to a parliamentary monarchy with a constitution, passed in 1978. "The rules which are everyone's, have to be respected by everyone," he said.

Explicit support to Constitution

Felipe expressed his explicit support to the Constitution, which has been largely contested in Catalonia in the past few years, because it is the main argument of the Spanish state to reject an agreed referendum on independence.

Moreover according to a recent poll, if the Spanish Constitution were to be ratified by citizens now, some 57% of Catalans would reject it, with only 17.4% backing it.

Yet Felipe, unlike last year, made no explicit mention of the situation in Catalonia.

Need to "strengthen links which put Spaniards together"

The Spanish monarch, though, did say that citizens need to "take care and strengthen the deep links which put together and should always put all Spaniards together."

During his speech, he also expressed support to the young people struggling to find an appropriate job for their studies, asked for "decent" salaries and "real" equity between men and women.


  • Felipe, the king of Spain

  • Felipe, the king of Spain