Key figure in Catalan left-wing politics resigns

Xavier Domènech, from the movement of Barcelona's mayor and Podemos, has stepped down from all posts in parliament and CatECP party

Xavier Domènech speaks at a press conference on July 18 2018 (by Núria Julià)
Xavier Domènech speaks at a press conference on July 18 2018 (by Núria Julià) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

September 4, 2018 07:58 PM

Xavier Domènech, Catalunya en Comú-Podem leader, just announced his resignation from all party and parliamentary posts on Tuesday.

The left-wing party has positioned itself as between unionist and pro-independence blocs, both against a unilateral declaration of independence but also against Spain's measures to stop it - Article 155. 

In a letter posted on his social media accounts, he announced that "after a deep reflection" he decided that "it is the moment" for him to leave all his posts.

He further explained that he believes it is "time to give way to new people with fresh ideas and the necessary energy to bring to carry out the challenges that the country poses in the coming months, which without a doubt will be key to our future."

In the letter, he also celebrated the times the party achieved being the most voted party in Catalonia during Spanish elections.

While he expressed regret at the outcome of the Catalan snap elections celebrated on December 21, where results were "not what they hoped for," for which he "also assumes responsibility," he also praised the "very good work" being done in parliament.

He also acknowledged the time he spent and the work he did with Barcelona mayor Ada Colau and Podemos leader Pablo Iglesias, as well as the others he collaborated with.

He finished the text by explaining that his family, "without which he is nothing," has "born the burden" of his responsibilities in politics. "Now is the time to give them back all the time that I took away from them, which has been, unfairly, a lot."