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Jailed leaders see independence trial as “opportunity” to reveal truth

Sànchez says prosecutor will have to back claims with "facts," while Romeva says it is a chance to speak "directly" to people in Spain


21 January 2019 01:16 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Some of the political leaders in prison have in recent days commented in the media on their upcoming trial for organizing the independence bid in October 2017.

In an interview with 'El Periódico' newspaper on Monday, JxCat MP, Jordi Sànchez, said that the "hour of truth" had come for the state prosecutor, who during the trial will have to "prove the unprovable," as until now the prosecutor's narrative has been "lacking certain facts."

Jailed former vice president, Oriol Junqueras, in the same Lledoners prison as Sànchez, also spoke about the trial in an interview with the 'Ara' newspaper, calling it "significant" that the state prosecution and that brought by the far-right Vox party should be "so similar."

As for former foreign affairs minister, Raül Romeva, he sees the trial as an "opportunity to talk to Spain without intermediaries," as "many people in Spain have not listened to us directly," he told the TV3 channel.

Future of independence movement

The leaders also commented on the future of the independence movement, with Sànchez claiming that a change of leadership is already "underway" and that it is necessary for the movement to achieve "a unified strategy."

  • "[The trial is] an opportunity to talk to Spain without intermediaries"

    Raül Romeva · Jailed former minister

Romeva, meanwhile, warned that going forward, the movement could not "ignore half of the population," and that "despite some believing that 47% of the population being in favor of independence is enough, it is obvious that is not the case."

While Junqueras admitted a left-wing government in Madrid raises the "opportunities to move towards a solution" to the political conflict, he called on Pedro Sánchez's government to "make clear gestures" and warned that the support of pro-independence parties is not a "blank cheque."

Campaign condemning trial

Meanwhile, at the weekend, the Òmnium Cultural pro-independence pressure group, whose leader Jordi Cuixart is also behind bars awaiting trial, launched a campaign to condemn the "injustice" of the trial and to carry out a series of protests in support of the jailed leaders.

In the run-up to the trial, Òmnium intends to carry out protests in Catalonia and Europe to expose the "legal and democratic aberration" of the prosecution of the leaders, and will distribute regular bulletins on the progress of the trial in towns and cities all over the country.


  • Jailed Catalan leader Jordi Sànchez (by Elisenda Rosanas)

  • Jailed Catalan leader Jordi Sànchez (by Elisenda Rosanas)