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Election participation up in Catalonia in both European and local votes

Turnout in the European election is at 50.5% by 6 pm, and 50.9% in the local elections


26 May 2019 06:40 PM


ACN | Barcelona

Turnout for the EU and local elections both surpassed 50% in Catalonia by 6 pm on Sunday.

For the European elections, 50.5% of voters turned up at the polls by 6 pm, while 50.9% have participated in the local elections by the same hour.

These figures mark rises in both elections, with the European vote growing by 15 points, and the municipal elections rising by 6 points.

Voters in Catalonia have until 8 pm local time to vote. EU citizens who registered to do so can also take part.

Earlier, turnout for the EU and local elections hit 35.6% in Catalonia by 2 pm.

The figure was three points higher than for the local elections four years ago and ten points higher than the last European elections, but six points lower than April's Spanish general election.



  • Votes being cast in Tarragona. (Photo: Mar Rovira)

  • Votes being cast in Tarragona. (Photo: Mar Rovira)