Catalan MP involved in Tsunami Democràtic investigation moves to Switzerland

Ruben Wagensberg seeks legal advice in Geneva in face of alleged terrorism links

MP for Esquerra Ruben Wagensberg in 2019
MP for Esquerra Ruben Wagensberg in 2019 / Marta Sierra
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January 31, 2024 10:48 AM

January 31, 2024 08:09 PM

Catalan MP for pro-independence Esquerra Ruben Wagensberg has temporarily moved to Switzerland after being linked to the investigation of the activist group Tsunami Democràtic. 

Wagensberg is currently in Geneva seeking legal advice to be prepared for various scenarios, as first reported by RAC1 radio and confirmed by the Catalan News Agency (ACN).

His name has appeared several times in the Tsunami Democràtic investigation, which is being carried out by Judge Manuel García-Castellón, who sees terrorism charges in the protests carried out by the activist group.

Esquerra's MP is currently on sick leave from Parliament due to mental health issues, which is another reason why he left Catalonia. However, Wagensberg clarified that he is not in exile and can return at any time.

"I am supposedly being investigated. I am not even charged," he said in an interview with ACN.


Tsunami Democràtic investigation

Judge Manuel García-Castellón is investigating the actions of Tsunami Democràtic, a Catalan pro-independence activist group responsible for organizing massive demonstrations after the Catalan pro-independence movement leaders were sent to prison in October 2019

The judge is seeking terrorism charges against the organizers, including former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont, considering Tsunami Democràtic a "structured and hierarchical organization" with the aim of "subverting Spain's constitutional order and destabilizing the state economically and politically through massive social protests."

On Monday, the judge extended his investigation for six months, saying there were still some aspects of the case to be investigated. Among the missing elements, he cited the questioning of the relatives of the French tourist who died of a heart attack during the group's occupation of Barcelona Airport in October 2019. 

In November, Spain's public prosecutor ruled out bringing terrorism charges against Puigdemont and Rovira but last week García-Castellón continued in his attempts to ensure the pro-independence figures are excluded from the amnesty law