Catalan government condemns Iran drone attack on Israel

El Al Airlines first announced cancelation of Tel Aviv – Barcelona flight but in the end only delayed

Netanyahu in a war cabinet meeting with Israeli high-ranking officials in Tel Aviv
Netanyahu in a war cabinet meeting with Israeli high-ranking officials in Tel Aviv / Israeli prime minister office
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April 14, 2024 12:01 PM

The Catalan government rejected the drone attack that Iran perpetrated on Israel, which managed to intercept "99%" of the strikes during the early hours of Sunday.

In a message on X, formerly Twitter, foreign minister Meritxell Serret said: "We are monitoring the escalation of war in the Middle East with great concern and we condemn Iran's attack."

"It is an irresponsibility that further jeopardizes the security in the region," she added.

Serret was the only government member to react, and followed Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez's message also on X: "After a long and distressing night in which the scale of the attack perpetrated by Iran has been confirmed, the government of Spain condemns it, as it has condemned and will always condemn all forms of violence that threaten the safety and well-being of innocent civilians".

"The response of all international leaders demands responsibility and restraint," he added.

"We must learn from history. And find a way to resolve conflicts through diplomatic channels, avoiding at all costs an even greater escalation".

Six-hour delay in Tel Aviv – Barcelona flight

On Saturday evening, shortly after Benjamin Netanyahu's government confirmed that a number of drones and missiles were heading from Iran to Israel, El Al Airlines announced it was canceling around 15 flights in the following hours, including one between Tel Aviv and Barcelona scheduled to arrive on Sunday at 9.25am.

Yet, on Sunday morning, after the attack had been repelled, Israel's flag carrier resumed operations and the flight in the end took off with a six-hour delay and was expected to land at El Prat airport at 3pm.