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“We have to sell cava as an exclusive, glamorous product”, says PIMECAVA chairperson

PIMECAVA is the Association of Small and Medium-sized Cava Producers. It is chaired by Mercè Rosell, who claims in a video interview that the only way to compete against French champagne is by marketing cava as a quality and prestigious product. In order to do that it is fundamental to have the support of big cava companies like Freixenet and Codorniu and a good relationship with exporters.


22 March 2011 12:45 AM


ACN / Ignacio Portela Giráldez

Barcelona ( Mercè Rossell is the current Chairperson of PIMECAVA, the Business Association of Cava SMEs, which is made up of 270 small and medium-sized cava producers. They represent 30% of the market share. In a video interview, Rossell explained that the only way Catalan cava can compete with French champagne is if cava giants such as Codorniu and Freixenet work together with small and mediu-sized producers. Combining forces means that they they can give cava a \u201Cprestigious name\u201D, and far from its traditional positions as a cheap product. She explains that cheap cava bottles, and not the quality ones, are those filling supermarket shelves abroad. Quality cava has difficulties finding a niche in the market and subsequently exportation is difficult, according to Rossell. Cava SMEs find even greater problems while trying to sell their quality products. She also stressed the importance of the internet as a means of getting in touch with clients. She added that cava should be marketed well both in the national and international markets.

PIMECAVA brings together 90% of cava companies and represents 30% of the cava market share. Formed by 270 cava companies, it is focused more on placing quality products on specialised shop store shelves and restaurants than selling a large number of bottles to supermarkets. As its current president, Mercè Rossell, said that they \u201Chave to sell cava as an exclusive, glamorous product\u201D. It has always been seen as a cheap product in the past, but the new generations of cava producers are trying to place it on the top list of international wines, a list that has always been led by French champagne.

\u201CChampagne is champagne. And the French know exactly how to sell it\u201D

Rossell admits that French producers have always known exactly how to sell their products abroad, as opposed to Catalan cava producers. The PIMECAVA Chairperson also suggests that if all cava producers (including big companies like Freixenet and Codorniu) act together, they could all give cava a \u201Cprestigious name\u201D in order to compete with the popular French sparkling wine.


  • Mercè Rossell after the video interview (by

  • Mercè Rossell after the video interview (by
Video interview with Mercè Rossell