Priorat wine showcased to 40 international distributors and 20 foreign specialised journalists

45 cellars from Priorat, one of Catalonia’s most famous and prestigious geographical indications, participated in a two day workshop for international wine distributors and specialised journalists from 10 different countries, such as China, the United States, Japan, Singapore and Taiwan.


May 27, 2011 04:29 PM

Torroja del Priorat (ACN).- A total of 40 international buyers and wine distributors, joined by 20 specialised journalists from ten different countries outside the European Union participated in a two day workshop to discover Priorat wines. They came from China, the United States, Switzerland, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam. Many came from emerging countries, where wine demand is growing fast and Catalan wines are not well known. They came to sample the wines of this small wine region, which produces some of the most appreciated wines in the world, according to international wine auctions. The workshop was organised by 45 wine cellars from this geographical indication and was called ‘Espai Priorat’. It took place over two days and was held in Torroja del Priorat and in the old Scala Dei Charterhouse.

The two-day workshop began with a tour around Priorat county, to discover historic sites, landscapes, and areas connected to the wine. According to the organisers, the visitors have been impressed by the region’s landscape, dominated by hills and terrace vineyards, and covered in slate. Even though they are all wine experts and they are perfectly aware of Priorat and its wines, many were not so familiar with the artisan and small scale way Priorat cellars work to develop this prestigious wine. The workshop included several wine tasting sessions, including one at the former Scala Dei Charterhouse.