Park Güell tickets to be sold exclusively online from July 1

Move geared towards improving access to the site for visitors and locals

Park Güell in Barcelona
Park Güell in Barcelona / Redacció
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June 26, 2024 10:38 AM

Tickets for Antoni Gaudí's famous Park Güell will only be available to purchase online as of July 1

Tickets are available on the Park Güell website here.

The move is part of an effort to ease access to the site and the area for visitors and locals alike, with an aim of tourists arriving in staggered times, rather than many people arriving without tickets and overflowing the streets surrounding the architectural site.

The city council also says the change will foster fluid access to the park and avoid unnecessary trips and dissatisfaction among tourists for a lack of available tickets.

To promote the new measure, Park Güell has launched an informative campaign aimed at tourists in various spots across the city ​​such as the public transport network, at the terminals of the airport, and at different hotels in the city.

This is one of the measures as part of the recently announced plan for tourism management in the city.

Online sales already account for 85% of the tickets sold for Park Güell.

Bus route removed from Google Maps

In April, the city council requested that a local bus route be removed from Google Maps, in an effort to reduce the flow of people to the area. 

The 116 bus is a small bus, only meant to be used within the La Salut neighborhood, with a capacity of 20-25 people. Due to tourists taking the bus, which leaves them in front of the iconic park, residents haven’t been able to take the bus themselves.  

Elderly people have been especially affected by this, as the bus is the way they can easily move around the neighborhood. Tourists made it almost impossible for them to use the public transport provided.