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International contemporary jewelry on show in Barcelona

The German Pforzheim School has been invited this year in the Week of Contemporary Jewelry of Barcelona. Twenty designers and five galleries are participating.


16 September 2011 10:57 PM


ACN / Toni Bardia

Barcelona (ACN).- From Thursday until Saturday Barcelona will become the European capital of contemporary jewelry. 25 designers and galleries including the Catalan galleries Basílica and DTerra, Italian Alchimia and international Klimt02 will exhibit their work at the headquarters for the Foundation of Arts and Design (Foment de les Arts i del Disseny- FAD) which also hosted the Enjoia't Awards. The Week of Contemporary Jewelry of Barcelona seeks to connect professionals and students and encourage them to share ways of working, different methods and materials. The school has invited the Pforzheim School from German, the country with the most coverage with five exhibitions. The pieces are creative and conceptual, but the organisers want the public to identify with them as well.

The exhibition of contemporary jewelry in Barcelona will bring together professionals and students within the same area as well as featuring the work of four galleries. Paulo Riberiro, the organiser of 2011 Week of Contemporary Jewelry of Barcelona, believes that "there is not much difference between young and established artists." This is because "the designer tells a different story that makes each piece unique." As for the galleries, to Riberiro, each "has its own personality." First Basílica with its "organic looking pieces," DTerra "seeking artists working in new materials," Alchimia, inspired by the "naive" look and Klim02 which has made its mark on "concept" jewelry. Paulo Riberiro has defined contemporary jewelry as \u201Ccreativity, innovation and excellence\u201D.

The director of the FAD, Magda Bolo, was "happy" with the level and capacity for innovation of the 80 proposals, of which 20 works were selected to appear in the Enjoia't Awards. The ceremony was held to reward the two best offerings from both professionals and students. The spirit of the awards is to recognise the work of young artists and make bridges with professional companies.

The artists and their materials

Among the shows highlights is the most renowned kinetics jewelry from Michael Berger, the guest artist. Niki Stylianou designs ornaments using everyday objects such as washing up gloves. The exquisite embroidery with gold and silver thread characterizes Yannick Mur whilst Liana Pattihis chooses enamel. The young creative Valencian, Andrea Coderch, experiments with Japanese motifs, calling attention to kimono fabrics and the expression of floral forms in materials such as wood.


  • The FAD facilities hosted the jewelry exhibition (by T. Bardia)

  • Jewels by Niki Stylianou, made out from washing up gloves (by Niki Stylianou)

  • The FAD facilities hosted the jewelry exhibition (by T. Bardia)
  • Jewels by Niki Stylianou, made out from washing up gloves (by Niki Stylianou)