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Girona offers ten-euro hotel rooms and restaurant menus this weekend for the second year in a row

On the 26th and 27th of January, Girona celebrates the second edition of #Girona10. This low-cost tourist event consists of offering hotel rooms and restaurant menus for €10 in and around the city. It was created last January in order to promote this northeast Catalan city and is aimed at both local and foreign tourism. The 2012 #Girona10 project was hugely successful, and the website where people could register quickly collapsed. This fact has led the organisers to think about a new hotel room distribution model, based on a lottery. Also due to last January’s success, this year the campaign offers 40% more hotel spots and 25% more menus than last year, while other institutions and activities have been added to the event providing new services.


24 January 2013 08:36 PM


ACN / Tania Tapia / Carla Marchesi

Girona (ACN).- This weekend Girona celebrates the second edition of the tourist event #Girona10 after last year\u2019s success. This low cost initiative consists of offering ten-euro hotel rooms and restaurant menus in and around the city. It was created last January by restaurant owners, the hotel sector and shop owners in order to promote Girona among local and international tourists. This year #Girona10 has increased its offer. More than 1,500 hotel places and more than 15,000 restaurant menus are available in this edition, figures which represent a 40% and a 25% increase over January 2012, respectively. Also, the hotel-room-distribution system is different from the last campaign. People who wanted to get a room had to register at the event website ( until 14th January. On 16th January the hotel rooms were distributed by a draw. The winners received an email and had three days to confirm if they will use the offer on the set date. If they did not, the offer was given to the next person on the registration list. Menus may be reserved by contacting the restaurants via their own website or telephone number.

This weekend Girona repeats the tourist event that last year brought the city more success than expected. #Girona10 was developed in 2012 and consists basically of offering low cost hotel rooms and restaurant menus at ten euros per person. Due to last year\u2019s hit, this January\u2019s #Girona10 programme includes new establishments and institutions, and new activities. For example, there will be eight nightlife establishments offering two drinks for ten euros. \u201CBurricleta\u201D, an electric bicycle rental company, will offer 44 bikes to those who are interested in following routes through the Girona area and the Banyoles Lake, which is located 30 km north from Girona.

Local tourism authorities will organise an Instagram photography contest, so that the most active \u201Cinstagrammers\u201D can get to know and take pictures of the city. These institutions are also planning to organise a \u201Cblogtrip\u201D featuring five or six of the best-known leaders in tourism social networking.

The Girona Town Hall will prepare different markets and trade fairs in collaboration with the Lleó market that will be open on Saturday afternoon and evening. The downtown shops will also offer sales and special ten-euro products.

A blue wristband will be given to people who spend the night at the hotels, and this will provide them with several privileges, such as free bus travel, free admission to the Cathedral, taxi discounts or guided tours through the city.

The success of last year\u2019s #Girona10 has led other cities to invite the Girona tourist event organisers, so that they can help them to prepare similar activities. This year\u2019s campaign has been recognised by the Mayor of Girona, Carles Puigdemont, who has praised the organizers for having continued to innovate their strategy instead of simply copying last year\u2019s successful formula.


  • A Girona 10 poster, last year (by N. Guisasola)

  • A Girona 10 poster, last year (by N. Guisasola)