Farms welcome visitors as part of Catalonia’s ‘Benvinguts a Pagès’ festival

People can discover up to 21 agricultural farms, buy organic products and eat in 30 restaurants on October 1st and 2nd  

Participants and representatives of 'Benvinguts a Pagès' festival (By Benvinguts Pagès)
Participants and representatives of 'Benvinguts a Pagès' festival (By Benvinguts Pagès) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

September 13, 2022 02:57 PM

The 7th edition of “Benvinguts a Pagès”, Catalonia’s farming festival, returns with a weekend of free visits to agro-food farms, allowing people to witness the different farming processes and buy food from the land. 

This year's edition will also feature two new itineraries in the Girona area. People will be able to discover the secrets of cattle breeding in the Ripollès and Garrotxa counties and buy seasonal products directly from producers. They will also be able to purchase dairy products, fruit, vegetables, legumes, wine, cereals, honey, and fish.

21 farms in the Girona area will provide guided tours, informing visitors of farming workflows. Those interested in participating can discover a cow farm near Molló in Ripollès, accompany farmers to take care of the fields, or even experience the making of cheeses first-hand with a family that has been working in the sector for more than six generations.

The festival’s organizers also recommend visiting Olis Bellaguarda, a place “devoted” to cultivating arbequina olives and extracting the oil.

In addition, there will be 30 restaurants such as Quinta Forca, Casa Joan, and Clubhouse 27 offering products grown and produced by local farmers. 

15 rural accommodations will have special stays over the first weekend of October, related to the world of farmers.

To participate in this experience, activities must be booked through the festival website, where events can be searched for by filtering by the types of products on offer. So far, more than a thousand free activity reservations have been booked. 

From 2016 to 2019, around 800 farms, 750 restaurants and more than 900 accommodations from all over Catalonia participated in the Benvinguts a Pagès festival. Over these years, the number of visitors to the farms has exceeded 75,000.

Benvinguts a Pagès project

Benvinguts a Pagès began in 2016 with the goal of publicly sharing everything that goes on in the field: the pasture, farm workflows, and who is behind the cultivating process. 

It is also a great opportunity to buy directly from farmers, as the festival seeks to promote the commercialization of products from agri-food and fish farms. Families, seniors, foodies, and young audiences alike are all welcome to enjoy this experience.