There is traditional art and then there is the Fundació Antoni Tàpies

A new exhibition at the Fundació Antoni Tàpies museum in Barcelona challenges traditional notions of art, exploring the role of materials in the work of the Catalan artist Antoni Tàpies


August 13, 2010 09:13 PM

Barcelona (ACN).- Waste paper, an unfolded box or a piece of wood can become pieces of art if they end up in Antoni Tàpies' hands. The Catalan artist presents a new exhibition, entitled “Collection,” which aims to demonstrate the importance of ordinary materials in his work. A work entitled “Fusta pintada i rascada” (Painted and Scraped Wood), from 1960, is the starting point of this chronological show.

Antoni Tàpies usually employs ordinary objects as the main subjects of his work. The artist leaves his own imprinting on the items, while seeking to maintain their original spirit. At the beginning of his artistic career, Tàpies realised that materials are not only a complement of the painting, but can become art in and of themselves.

“The materials are usually the true subjects of the art work,” said the curator of the exhibition, Núria Homs.

“He even gives value to materials that can be considered poor, humble or dirty,” Homs argued. In fact, pieces such as Capsa de Cordills (Box of Stings, 1946) or Cartó amb T negra (Cardboard with Black T, 2000) demonstrate the long-term importance of everyday materials in Tàpies' work.

This exhibition will be publicly shown for the first time in the museum of the Fundació Antoni Tàpies. A documentary on Tàpies by Carolina Tubau will also be on show in the centre. The display will be open from 13 August until 26 September.