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The documentary "El Bulli: cooking in progress" will premiere on September 19th during the 59th San Sebastian Film Festival

The film, by German director Gereon Wetzel, shows the process of creating dishes that Ferran Adrià has offered to customers over the years in his award winning restaurant, El Bulli.


25 August 2011 11:19 PM



Barcelona (ACN) .- The film "El Bulli: cooking in progress," by German director Gereon Wetzel, is due to be released on the 19th September in the new section 'Culinary Zinema' at the 59th San Sebastian Festival. The film was shot over last winter after the restaurant had closed for the season. It follows Ferran Adrià and his collaborators working in the kitchen laboratory to create dishes that they would serve the following season. Thus, the documentary shows the creative process of who has been considered by many years as the best chef in the culinary world. El Bulli, which closed on the 30th July this year to open again trasnformed into elBulli Foundation, will be the star of a Hollywood film in autumn 2012 or spring 2013, as the cook explained to the ACN last June.

This year's International Film Festival of San Sebastian arrives with a new category: 'Culinary Zinema' that will offer the opportunity to enjoy a fusion of cinema and cuisine. One feature appearing in this new section will be the documentary "El Bulli: cooking in progress," by German director Gereon Wetzel.

The film shows for the first time on the big screen, the creative culinary process of Ferran Adrià and his team. To accomplish this, Wetzel and his crew spent this past winter in the kitchen of the El Bulli laboratory in which the dishes, of a three Michelin star standard, that would appear on the following season's menu were created.    

El Bulli taken to the cinema

This, however, is not the only time that El Bulli is to be the star of the big screen with its Hollywood debut in autumn 2012 or spring 2013, as Ferran Adrià told the ACN in an interview last June.

According to the chef, El Bulli will open for a month, to allow the actors and the film crew to truly see how the restaurant, employees and customers interact. The film crew will shoot for the entire month that the restaurant is open.


  • Ferra Adrià in a caption from the documentary film (by Alive Mind Cinema)

  • Ferra Adrià in a caption from the documentary film (by Alive Mind Cinema)