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Spotlight on women in Catalan national theater's new season

Main section for 2019/2020 at TNC focuses attention on early 20th-century female dramatists


28 May 2019 05:43 PM



Catalonia's National Theater, the TNC, has unveiled its 2019/20 season, which will feature 27 plays, some 13 of which are authored by women and 12 with female directors.

Women are a key focus of the season, with the central ‘Pioneres’ section devoted to the female experience in the early 20th century, with authors like Neus Català and Lluïsa Denís.

The section will also feature ‘Passat Ridorta’, an adaptation of Victor Català's novel ‘Solitud’ directed by Alícia Gorina, while ‘L’huracà’ by Carme Montoriol explores motherhood.

Woolf and Rodoreda

Feminist icon Virginia Woolf is also represented, with a dramatic production of her novel ‘Mrs. Dalloway’ by the Teatro Español and the KVS theater from Brussels.

Woolf's story, which follows a 24-hour period in the life of Clarissa Dalloway, stars Madrid-born actor Blanca Portillo in the lead role.

Another icon of female literature, Mercè Rodoreda, also features with her unfinished work ‘La mort i la primavera’ (Death and Spring), adapted to the stage by Joan Ollé.

The slogan for the new season is ‘Conquesta i resistència’ (Conquest and resistance), which alludes to the efforts of women to win more access to the stage.

Over 122,000 spectators expected

TNC head Xavier Albertí says the theater's efforts to be more open to female drama has been boosted by the recent agreement signed with the Catalan government.

With a budget of 10 million euros for the new season, Albertí says the theater hopes to improve on the forecast of more than 122,000 spectators for the season.

However, things kick off with Jordi Prat i Coll's version of Josep Maria de Sagarra's classic play, ‘La Rambla de les floristes’.

Another highlight of the season is ‘Justícia’, a TNC production under the direction of Guillem Clua, in which veteran actor Josep Maria Pou plays a Catalan judge.


  • Head of Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Xavier Albertí, presents the theater's new season on May 28 (Pau Cortina/ACN)

  • Head of Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Xavier Albertí, presents the theater's new season on May 28 (Pau Cortina/ACN)