Reforms allow visitors an insider view of the Tarragona’s Roman Circus

Visitors can get closer to the centre of the historical Roman stage thanks to a new ramp. Tarraco, Tarragona’s Roman name, was the capital of the Tarraconensis Province and an important city of the Roman Empire. Tarragona’s Roman ruins are a UNESCO World Heritage.

CNA / F. Javier Rodríguez Baena / Marc Cervelló

April 27, 2011 12:35 AM

Tarragona (ACN).- As from now, visitors to Tarragona’s Roman Circus dispose of a new continuous ramp that allows people to view the arena in situ and to have a new vision of the Circus. Heritage Councilor Rosa Rosell said that the ramp goes a long way to helping visitors learn more about the Roman Circus. The City Hall has invested 32,000 euros in these new areas that have eliminated barriers and provide the visitor with a new spatial vision of the site. These new ramps have been installed thanks to an investment plan by the Tarragona City Hall devoted to preserving the historical center of the city, considered a world heritage site by UNESCO.

Until now, access to this zone was restricted due to the existence of separating walls. Lluís Balart, Tarragona’s Historical Museum director, explained that the new ramp will permit better access to the zone for disabled people, and also specified that clear signs will be put in place to explain how it works. Balart also added that before the summer the Roman Circus will have a copy of two gravestones from the charioteers Fuscus and Euticus.