Mago Pop wins Guinness World Record for Broadway's highest weekly gross for solo show

Catalan Antonio Díaz awarded for taking in $2.7 million in one week with 'Nada es imposible - Broadway Edition' show

El Mago Pop with New York City behind him
El Mago Pop with New York City behind him / El Mago Pop
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June 14, 2024 02:15 PM

Catalan magician Antonio Díaz, commonly known as El Mago Pop, has been awarded the Guinness World Record for 'Broadway's highest weekly gross for a solo show.'

The artist will receive the accolade after taking in $2,717,000 during a week for his show: 'Nada es imposible - Broadway Edition.' The show took place at the Barrymore Theatre in Broadway during summer 2023, surpassing other shows such as 'The Lion King', 'Hamilton' and 'Funny Girl'.

The record places Antonio Díaz above previous holders of such triumphs, such as Bruce Springsteen and Hugh Jackman.

Stars such as Fred Astaire, Marlon Brando and more recently Cate Blanchett and Daniel Craig have previously performed in this same space.

Mago Pop debuted in the Barrymore Theatre on August 17, 2023 with his show "Nothing is impossible" (Nada es imposible), becoming the youngest illusionist to ever perform at the heart of the American commercial theatrical industry. "I am really excited, being on Broadway is my dream," Díaz confessed when being interviewed on the TODAY Show.