Catalan magician Mago Pop to perform on Broadway for first time in August

World-class artist buys Branson Magic Theater in Missouri as US 'headquarters'

Mago Pop speaks at a press conference in the Victòria Theatre to announce his new show on Broadway in New York
Mago Pop speaks at a press conference in the Victòria Theatre to announce his new show on Broadway in New York / Carla Mallol
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March 20, 2023 03:24 PM

March 20, 2023 05:33 PM

World-class Catalan magician Mago Pop will perform on Broadway in New York this August.

For the first time, the artist will show off his spectacle and illusions in America's most famous theater district.

Starting on August 17 and for at least five weeks, the Catalan-born magician will be starring at the Barrymore Theater, with ticket prices for his show 'Nada es Imposible' ('Nothing is impossible') ranging between $102 and $306.

Stars such as Katharine Hepburn, Magie Smith, Anthony Perkins and Marlon Brando have performed in this theater before, which is the only one still standing out of the 17 built by the Shubert family on Broadway.

As explained in the presentation of the show in Barcelona, Mago Pop will become the youngest illusionist to ever perform on Broadway.

Mago Pop intends to stop by New York regularly in the future, and in order to have "headquarters" in the United States he has bought a theater in Missouri.

He announced on Monday that he has acquired the Branson Magic Theater, with 2,800 seats, which "makes sense" considering his future plans in the US, including performing "one or two months a year" on Broadway, he said.

"I dream of performing on Broadway for a month or two each year. That would be fantastic and marvelous," the magician said.


The artist declined to talk about the cost of the purchase, but said it is in a "strategic" place, along County 76 boulevard in the city, a tourist destination with a performing arts district that surpasses Broadway in number of seats.

Mago Pop will settle in Missouri for some time to prepare his upcoming show in Broadway.

Antonio Díaz, his real name, is already the owner of Barcelona's Teatre Victòria, where he offers his shows.

His shows such as 'La gran ilusión', 'Nada es imposible' have been top sellers for years, and some have been adapted on TV.