Living together, society, and art

A new exhibition features a retrospect of visual artist Domènec’s work, and tackles some of the hardest questions we face today

Photographs in the ‘Not Here, Not Anywhere’ exhibit on April 18, 2018 (by Guillem Roset)
Photographs in the ‘Not Here, Not Anywhere’ exhibit on April 18, 2018 (by Guillem Roset) / ACN

ACN | Barcelona

April 18, 2018 05:33 PM

What’s the best way to live together, as a society? A new exhibition in Barcelona attemps to tackle this question, through various mediums. It’s called ‘Not Here, Not Anywhere,’ and it features visual artist Domènec, reflecting on how, “in the past century and a half,” explained the artist, we’ve “attempted to build ways to try to live together.”

Specifically, the exhibition aims to urge the museum-goer to think “upon the political strategies of historical memory and social empowerment” through art that touches on the same issues. The collection comprises twenty works, from the late nineties to the present, touching on issues like public housing, the refugee crisis, memory and oblivion, as well as discrepancies between utopia and social reality.

With this, the exhibition places focus on the crisis of modern times and its failures – but also, on new ideas had throughout time. This, shown through sculptures, installations, photographs, videos, and interventions in a public space.

Domènec’s work has been featured worldwide, from the United States, to Palestine, to Japan. This Barcelona display runs until September 11, at MACBA, Barcelona’s Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Mies Van der Rohe exhibition pavilion. ‘Not Here, Not Anywhere,’ aims to help make sense of the world, today, and offer innovation, retrospect, and even, hope.