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Exhibition on art and dreams opens in Barcelona

The collection features artists like Dalí, Miró, Picasso, Tàpies, Brossa and Duchamp


15 September 2017 03:02 PM


ACN | Barcelona

The fundamental role that dreams play in art is on display in Barcelona. ‘The Space of Dreams’ exhibition opened on September 15 at the Mayoral art gallery, featuring a collection that looks at the importance of dreams in 20th century art. Here, visitors will be able to look into some of what inspired iconic artists like Dalí, Miró, Picasso, Tàpies, Brossa and Duchamp.

The proposal, according to art critic and curator Vicenç Altaió, is “worthy of a museum.” Visitors can expect two large sections: one, focused on Dalí and Duchamp’s “waking dreams,” and another that addresses the time after the darkest years of the Franco dictatorship, featuring Miró and Calder. Visitors will then be able to enjoy other artists in the collection, such as Calder, Magritte, Chagall, Hamilton, and Ponç.

  • "Deams were a creation of great imagination"

     Vicenç Altaió · Curator of the exhibition

The dreams we all have

The exhibition analyzes how artists interpret their own dreams, how relevant it is to their work, and all the ways in which they can – and have – used these concepts. Altaió further explained that the collection serves as a reflection on artists’ ability to take dreams that “we all have,” ones that have “always existed” throughout human history, and to then teach us something through them.

This focus on dreams developed after “a paradigm shift” following the First World War, explained the curator of the exhibition. The art on display, he said, shows how the dream became a space that housed another reality. “Through the hand of the artists,” noted Altaió, there was a way to create something “far from the painful reality” of the First and Second World War. Still, “dreams weren’t an escape,” he insisted, “but instead an unprecedented creation of great imagination.”

Altaió is also an essayist, a poet, an editor of art publications, and has curated various exhibitions. Still, he declared that it’s a “privilege” to work with the Mayoral gallery, also highlighting the importance of art galleries in today’s world. Inside the gallery founded in 1989, visitors will usually find a specialization on modern and postwar art. Visitors will be able to visit ‘The Space of Dreams’ exhibition until January 5.


  • A painting by Salvador Dalí at the Mayoral art gallery (by ACN)

  • A painting by Salvador Dalí at the Mayoral art gallery (by ACN)