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Catalonia hosts international music festival with talented young people from all over the world

People from 15 different countries participate in the only pedagogical music festival in the state, which combines concerts and social activities


04 August 2010 11:05 PM


ACN / Estefania Escolà
Solsona, in the north-west of Catalonia, offers a unique opportunity for young talented musicians to come together and play in attractive but unusual settings. Up to 45 young artists from 15 countries will participate in the ninth edition of the International Festival of the Music Academy of Solsona. The festival has become an “international reference” according to the mayor of Solsona, David Rodríguez.
In its ninth edition, the festival focuses on the music of Russian composers, such as Txaikovski, Prokòfiev and Xostakóvitx. The artistic director of the event, Peter Thiemann, said that this music exposes “the most explicit romanticism, the crazy feelings of the first love.” This is why the festival brings together music and talented young people with an “interest in feeling.”

The 45 young musicians will play music for nine days. In total, they will offer up to 22 concerts, combining classical and modern music. The concerts will be in places chosen because of their symbolism, because they are “representative of the artistic and architectural heritage” of Catalonia.

'The high quality of the young musicians and the intensity of the event, coupled with the participation of excellent professors and internationally recognised soloists contribute to make it a singular, high-quality festival,” said Thiemann. According to him, the festival is an opportunity for young musicians to find “a real future” in the musical world.

The mayor of Solsona, David Rodríguez, welcomed the event. He said he is proud to host an event that “puts Solsona in the international arena.” In fact, the festival is the only event of this kind organised by this historic city in the North-west of Catalonia.

Apart from the music, the festival also provides an opportunity for young people to express their solidarity with those that need it most. In fact, some of the concerts will take place in hospitals, retirement homes and in centres for recovering drug addicts.


  • Solsona will host an international festival for young talented musicians

  • Solsona will host an international festival for young talented musicians