Catalan pop band Mishima starts touring to present its new album entitled ‘L’amor feliç’

Mishima started touring on April 13th to promote their sixth album, released last March 27th. Mishima are one of the most popular bands of the moment singing in Catalan. After the critical and commercial success of their last album, with ‘Lamor feliç’ (translated as ‘Happy Love’) they return to producing the record by themselves, under the label ‘The rest is silence’.

Pau Rumbo

April 17, 2012 01:19 AM

Barcelona (ACN). Mishima are one of the main bands on the local Catalan pop scene, along with others such as Antònia Font, Manel, or Els Amics de les Arts. However, whereas these two last bands exploded in 2008 with their first albums, Mishima spent ten years playing only in small pubs, with a small but loyal public. Their first albums were in English before switching to Catalan: ‘Lipstick Traces’ from 2001 and ‘The fall of Public Man’ from 2003. Now and again, they still play songs from these albums in live shows. The band is recognisable for the baritone voice of its singer, David Carabén, and their peculiar presence on stage, with all band members sitting down except Carabén, before eventually standing up with the climax of the gig. On February 21st the band released the digital version of the first single, ‘L’última ressaca’, taken from the new album recorded in El Puerto de Santa Maria (Cádiz). It was recorded at the studio of widely recognised producer Paco Loco, who had previously worked with Mishima on their last CD, the acclaimed “Ordre I Aventura”. This last weekend, on the evening of Friday April 13th, Mishima started touring at the Girona Auditorium.

Mishima is formed by charismatic David Carabén (singer, composer and guitarist), Marc Lloret (keyboardist), Dani Vega (guitarist), Xavi Caparrós (bassist) and Alfons Serra (drummer). Caparrós and Serra were recruited in 2010 to stand in for Oscar d’Aniello and Dani Acedo, who left the band in order to pursue a career with their other musical project Delafé y las Flores Azules. Ironically, Mishima first played at the Palau de la Música as an opening act for Delafé y las Flores Azules.

They rode the tide led by these new Catalan pop bands, and their album ‘Set tota la vida’ (2007) led them to be one of the most respected and experienced actors on the Catalan scene. The commercial success came with their last 20+ month tour, with shows all around Catalonia, Spain, and England (Brighton, London and Liverpool). The tour left two unforgettable moments for the band: the sold out shows at the Apolo club (an Indie Music temple in Barcelona) and in the Palau de la Música, the main concert hall in the Catalan capital.

Mishima’s new album is called ‘L’Amor Feliç’ (‘Happy Love’ into English) as a tribute to the French song ‘Il n’y a pas d’amour heureux’ (there is no happy love), sung by Georges Brassens, and covered by Mishima in their concert at the Palau de la Música.